MEE works with K-12 schools in Montgomery and Frederick County and other locations in the Metropolitan Washington and Baltimore region. MEE’s variety of educational and enriching programs includes hands-on exploratory learning and collaboration. With each lesson, MEE provides the educators, lesson materials, and experiential learning opportunities.

During the 2017-18 school year, 4,247 students, teachers, and parent chaperones from 25 schools, 35 after-school centers, and scouting programs participated in 7,758 hours of interactive learning about energy, watersheds, stream ecology, plants, and agriculture. MEE offers three types of science and educational programs, all of which include hands-on interactive experiments and activities. MEE provides the educators, lesson materials, and supplies.


1st Grade – Watts Up

Explore electricity, energy sources, watts, and ways to conserve. This lesson combines an overall hour presentation with an additional 45 minutes of staff and student run learning stations.

Watts Up Informational Flyer – Sept 2018


2nd Grade – Away We Grow (Part 1)

Mountainside’s tractor “Mighty Mac” leads students through an interactive flip chart outlining the life cycle of a plant and habitat needs. Students determine more about a plant’s habitat and life cycle stages through planting and observation journals.

Away We Grow Informational Flyer – Sept 2018


5th Grade and Up – Power It Up

A hypothesized driven lesson that allows students to design, construct, and test model wind turbines while delving deeper into the scientific process.

Power it Up Informational Flyer – Sept 2018



K – Journey of a Raindrop

Discover the different paths a raindrop takes on its journey through the water cycle. Students will witness earth as a natural filter and follow a raindrop down to our creek, for a creek walk.

A Raindrop’s Journey Info Flyer – Sept 2018


2nd Grade – Away We Grow (Part 2)

Students develop a deeper understanding of habitat and the life cycle of a plant as they compete in our habitat game, become detectives on our habitat hike, and transplant their own classroom grown plants into the garden.

Away We Grow Informational Flyer – Sept 2018


4th Grade – Creek Scene Investigator (CSI)

Learn about the Chesapeake Bay watershed and take part in a macro-invertebrate study. Students transform into citizen scientists as they examine the north branch of Bennett Creek for macro-invertebrates. They compile data and work together to determine the health of the creek.

CSI Creek Scene Investigators Information Flyer – Sept 2018


5th Grade – May the Force be with You

Grasp the understanding of potential and kinetic energy as you harness into our Giant Swing. Learn more about Newton’s Laws and Pendulums as you swing back and forth from 30 feet in the air.

May the Force Be With You Informational Flyer


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