The Bar-T Mountainside campus is a showcase for energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, and more. Bar-T was the first business to be approved for Frederick County’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program. This financing program allowed Bar-T to expeditiously implement a number of cutting edge renewable energy systems. Bar-T is a net-zero operation; it produces as much energy as it uses.

If your business or organization would like to learn how Bar-T became a net-zero operation or benefitted from Frederick County’s C-PACE program, schedule a tour or presentation.

Drone Flyover of Mountainside


The MAC and Green Building Features

The Mountainside After-School Club (The MAC) green building is constructed with structured insulated panels (SIPs) providing high R Value insulation. Its passive solar design features southern and western facing windows that allow for solar heat gain in winter. A vegetated awning that mitigates solar heat gain in summer (and dies back in winter). A geothermal system heats and cools the building and The MAC’s hydronic radiant floor system circulates warm or cool water through tubing under the floor. In winter, the system radiates heat up from the floor to warm the interior; in summer, cool circulating water absorbs heat back into the floor. An efficient wood stove provides a backup heating source. The building also features LED lighting, smart grid technologies for automated climate control, and a monitor to demonstrate building efficiency. Other green features include composting toilets and repurposed sinks in the bathrooms.
Renewable Energy Systems

Mountainside hosts a Burgey 10 kW wind turbine and a total of 83 kW of solar photovoltaics. Working with the Maryland Smart Energy Co-op (SECO-MD),a 27.7 kW solar-plus-storage system with a Lithium Ion battery backup setup for peak shaving was installed on The MAC in 2018. The farmhouse also has a battery backup system. All together 83 kW of solar capacity and the 10 kW wind turbine of will generate approximately 110,130 kWh of electricity per year making the entire Bar-T Mountainside campus net-zero.