MEE environmental education and agricultural programs are available to all regardless of an individual’s or school’s ability to pay full program fees. MEE’s Sponsorship Fund allows students and schools to pay reduced fees or in some cases may cover fees entirely. In addition to seeking donations, MEE actively pursues grant funding.

In addition, our Sponsorship Fund allows youth with financial needs from the City of Frederick Housing Authority communities to experience a week of summer camp Bar-T Mountainside. Donations to our Sponsorship Fund are matched by Bar-T. Together, our Youth Sponsorship Fund and Bar-T’s match provided a week of summer camp to 69 youth in 2019.

If you, your business, or a charitable group you are affiliated with would like to contribute to help all youth take advantage of MEE’s educational programs, visit our Donations Page or Events page to learn how you can make a tax-deductible donation to the MEE Sponsorship Fund.

Opportunities for contributing to the MEE Sponsorship Fund include

  • Sponsoring or attending a Farm to Table benefit dinner
  • Donating directly through MEE’s donation page.
  • Adding a contribution when registering your child for a Bar-T or MEE program